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Harley is 2 years old. He is from our Valentine's Day litter and is the perfect example of everything a boxer should be. He's sweet, intelligent, loves people, other dogs and small children.  Oh we forgot to mention that he LOVES to play Fetch! He received his first championship points last year and was ready to hit the show ring again this year when we encountered a problem.  A recent echo performed by a board certified cardiologist showed a mild heart defect which could be passed on to his offspring.  According to the cardiologist, it will not effect his quality of life but it does effect his ability to continue with us as a stud dog.  We are heart broken to have to let him go but someone is going to get an incredible buddy.  If you would like to be considered, please send us an email.  There is a rehoming fee of $1000 so please do not think that this condition makes him worthless.  He will stay with us as a pet before we give him away to the wrong home.  Other health screens: DM Carrier, ARVC Hetero effected, 2020 holter: 2 singles. 

Troubadour Boxers‚Äč

                                                        Formerly: Texas Boxer Pups