Troubadour Boxers‚Äč

                                                        Formerly: Texas Boxer Pups

Echo Normal, Flow 1.83

Wannabox's Dark Dancing Mistress of Troubadour, CA  (Missy) RETIRED

ARVC- At Risk

DM- At Risk

Echo- Normal flow 1.78

Holter- Clear

Boxers Dogs

Contact us for puppy and boxer dogs availabilty.

Pedigrees available upon request.

Holter 2021- 1 single

ARVC homozygous, DM carrier

Gravetown's Little Bit of Heaven @ Troubadour (Jojo)

ARVC Negtive

DM Carrier

Echo: Normal Flow 1.6

Holter 2020: 1 single

Troubadour's Little Bita Honey (Winnie)

Wannabox's Fairy "Tail" Ending @ Troubadour

DM at Risk

ARVC Clear

Echo Normal flow 1.9

Holter 2019 all zeros

Int. Ch. Weatherford's Texas Troubadour

ARVC- Clear

DM- Clear

Echo-Normal flow 1.76

Holter 2019 still all zeros

Thyroid- OFA Normal