Troubadour Boxers‚Äč

                                                        Formerly: Texas Boxer Pups

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Pedigrees available upon request.

Troubadour and Gravestown's Dark Harlequin Romance

ARVC Carrier

DM Carrier

All other test pending age requirements

Troubadour and Gravestown's Kisses in the Dark. 

ARVC Carrier

DM Carrier

Other Testing Pending Age requirments.

Wannabox's Dark Dancing Mistress of Troubadour, CA  (Missy)

ARVC- At Risk

DM- At Risk

Echo- Normal

Holter- Clear

Pheasant Hollow's No Autographs PLEEZE, CA (Morgan)

ARVC- Carrier

DM- Carrier

Echo- Normal

Holter- 1 single

Int. Ch. Weatherford's Texas Troubadour

ARVC- Clear

DM- Clear


Holter 2019 still all zeros

Thyroid- OFA Normal

Wannabox's Fairy "Tail" Ending @ Troubadour

DM at Risk

ARVC Clear

Echo Normal

Holter 2019 all zeros